The Escape Game


The KEY is a live escape game in Lausanne. 


You and your team will be locked and the countdown will begin. You will only have one hour to collaborate and to use your logical mind to solve all the puzzles and mysteries which will lead you to the exit... the game master will be there to help you.

But will you find The KEY ?


The KEY - players

The KEY escape game Lausanne time

The KEY - Price


If you didn't completely understand the concept of Escape Games or Escape Rooms, just remember that this is an immersive and intense entertainment activity, where everything happens (almost) for real. It looks a bit like Saw but it is not frightening at all and you (normally) don't have to cut your foot off to escape. 


The Missions

The KEY Escape Game Lausanne - Illuminatis boudoir


The Illuminatis are about to discover THE Formula and reach their goal. The world as we know it may soon to disappear .


After 8 years undercover, you will finally reach the 13th and final grade of the order and all its secrets. But are you really ready to face the Grand Master in person ?



The KEY Escape Game Lausanne - Illuminatis boudoir Key

The KEY Escape Game Lausanne - Finding Einstein


The brilliant physicist disappeared.

Given the political and scientific issues of the case, all the secret services are on alert. The race to find him before the others is on !

Two officers of your department seem to have located the secret office of the genius, but do not give any news for several days. Will you manage to introduce yourself first, collect all the informations and escape on time?


The KEY Escape Game Lausanne - Finding Einstein Key

The Players

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